Transport Streamer


  • $18,000.00


1692A The Sencore TS 1692A is a powerful video streamer and recorder with applications in System Integration, Product Development, Manufacturing, and Digital Signage. High Speed: The TS 1692A is the fastest and most powerful MPEG2, DVB, ATSC, ISDB player/recorder in the industry. It is capable of playing and recording a high speed MPEG2 data stream up to 212 Mbits/s. The TS 1692A can stream out and record multiple transport streams with a total bandwidth of 320 Mbits/s.

For example, the TS 1692A can simultaneously play and record 4 ATSC transport streams at 19.39 Mbits/s. Flexible: The TS 1692A support many standards including:
• Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI)
• ATSC interface at 19.39 Mbits/s (SMPTE310M)
• DVB Parallel LVDS

The modular design of the TS 1692A offers full flexibility and ensures the product will meet many streaming requirements and provide many years of usage. Scalable: From 1 to 4 input/outputs pairs provides up to 4 players and 4 recorders simultaneously. When configured with 4 inputs and outputs, the TS 1692A acts as 4 separate streamers, offering a very cost efficient solution for multi-streaming. Additional streaming channels can be added to meet future requirements.

  • Smart Looping: The Transport Streamer offers smart looping. This feature allows one transport stream to be played in a continuous mode without discontinuity. The TS 1692A can update the MPEG2 continuity counters, PCR, PTS/DTS as well as the DVB (TDT, TOT) or ATSC (STT) tables. With this feature the decoders stay locked at all times and the audio and video staying perfectly in sync, providing the MPEG2 streaming equivalent to a known and controlled live source.
  • Triggers: Each input or output of the system can be controlled using the external trigger input signals. This enables you to record automatically or play out an emergency signal source.
  • Storage: The TS 1692A comes standard with 36 GB of storage allowing 4 hours of storage at 19.39 Mbits/s.
  • Preview: Before selecting a transport stream for play out on the optional client software, the preview feature enables operators to quickly confirm the correct transport stream, video format, and audio format will be played.
  • System Integration: The TS 1692A is designed for signal path testing by simulate a well-known error free transport stream output. By supporting the numerous standards, the TS 1692A will be compatible with equipment being deployed in digital facilities.
  • Standby Signal Source: With complex DTV equipment, failures can occur. The TS 1692A is designed to provide a backup signal source that will drive a digital transmitter in the case of a system failure. With trigger input capabilities, the TS 1692A can automatically switch over when a failure occurs. The optional remote client enables the broadcast engineer to provide loop programming if the repair will take more than a few minutes.
  • Development: The TS 1692A is designed to serve DTV labs. With the capability of playing and recording 4 TS streams simultaneously, it can provide 4 different known and controlled TS sources that will help accelerate designs. From a designers desk, optional remote clients can control each pair of streaming channels, providing individuals with their personal player/recorder.
  • Manufacturing: The TS 1692A is suitable for manufacturing/ QA and repair facilities. It provides a fixed, well known, easy to operate TS signal source that can be used to verify the operations of products under test. The networking capabilities of the TS 1692A enables the engineer to upload test content to the manufacturing line remotely.

The maximum total TS input and output bandwidth is 320 Mbits/s
The number and type of inputs depends on the configuration of the unit.
The TS 1692A can have 2 different channel cards each with 2 pairs of connectors for a total of 4 players and 4 recorders.

ASI                     188-204-208              212 
SPI (Parallel)      188-204-208              80
SMPTE310M      188                            19.392658 or 38.785317
DHEI                   188-192-204-208      44

Byte clock input TTL on BNC connector. One clock and one trigger input per interface pair (1 player/recorder)

Total hard drive space for 36 GB HD Equivalent to 4 Hours of storage at 19.39 Mbits/s


Line Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
4 Lines x 20 Character Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Dimensions: 19” x 20” x 5.25” (W x D x H ) (3RU rack mount chassis)

Front panel display with keypad
10BaseT Ethernet connections control through optional client software