Transport Stream Server -IP TSS 6100

    TSS 6100-1-IP

  • $18,900.00 $36,000.00


The TSS 6100 Transport Stream Server provides a complete, frame-accurate, play-out solution for single and multi-channel SD and HD content. From recording and editing to frame-accurate splicing, the TSS 6100 is a cost-effective, integrated MPEG2 and H.264 server solution for a variety of broadcast applications. The TSS 6100 includes input and output support for both ASI and IP.

Key Features

Real-Time Software Mux/Demux
The TSS 6100 Transport Stream Server integrates a real-time software multiplexer. This powerful functionality can extract one or several programs from the incoming multiplexes and record this selected content to the hard drive. New multiplexed content can be produced from a combination of live and file sources.

Remote Control
The TSS 6100 can be operated locally or remotely with no loss in functionality. Using the easily installable Windows client application, all key functionality of the server can be controlled from anywhere on the network.

Simultaneous Record/Playback
The TSS 6100 can immediately begin playback of any recorded content. For broadcasters wanting to archive important live broadcasts or deliver recorded content to and external FTP site, the server offers a push-to-FTP while recording.

Time Zone Shifting
Network feeds are easily delayed for delivery into the local time zone with just a few clicks.

Local Insertion
The TSS 6100 responds to industry-standard SCTE 35 and GPI cues for seamless insertion of local programming. TSS 6100 can be connected to an external Emergency Alert System (EAS) equipment to insert emergency messages into the video in case an emergency situation occurs. When receiving the trigger, TSS 6100 replaces the audio by the audio alert and displays the EMS message. The TS6000 can support SAGE EAS Endec and TFT EAS 911.