OEM Module TS-over-IP Converter


  • $483.00


Converts ASI to IP or IP to ASI
Parallel TS port

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Compact OEM module for interfacing Transport Streams to a network. The DTM-3200 converts IP to ASI, or ASI to IP
  • Additional 8-bit parallel Transport Stream I/O port on a 26-way boxed header for easy connectivity to custom hardware
  • Advanced IP-jitter filtering algorithm, with programmable jitter tolerance
  • IP encapsulation and 2D-FEC encoding and decoding as defined in SMPTE 2022
  • Unicast and multicast IP addressing
  • Several interface standards (RS-232, 422, 485 and I2C) supported for serial control of the OEM module
  • Persistent storage of configuration parameters
  • Easy way to add a TS-over-IP input or out-put to your TS-processing product
  • Tunnelling of ASI signals over LAN, WAN or the Internet


GigE port
Physical layer: IEEE 802.3a
Data rate: 100/1000
Connector: RJ-45 with LEDs
DVB-ASI port
Physical layer: EN50083-9
Connector: 1x 75-Ω MCX
Tx bitrate: 0.01 .. 214Mbit/s
Parallel port
Physical layer: M-LVDS
Signals: Clock, sync, valid, 8-bit data
Connector: 26-way header
TP per IP: 1 .. 7
Encapsulation: UDP or RTP
TSoIP to ASI latency*: 1ms
Jitter tolerance range: 1 .. 500ms
Dimensions WxHxD: 80x55x14mm

Protocol Support
Ethernet encapsulation: IEEE 802.2 SNAP, Eth. II
IP support: IPv4
IP-address assignment: DHCP, link local or static
Multicast support: IGMP v2
Device management: Out of band: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, I2C
Network management: Not supported