MPEG over IP High-Rate Streamer MIP 1664 - CLOSE OUT

    MIP 1664

  • $12,100.00 $22,000.00


The MIP 1664 MPEG over IP Generator aids in the design, verification, manufacturing and deployment of digital TV equipment and systems. The MIP 1664 is a powerful IPv4/IPv6 streamer with a built-in gigabit Ethernet signal generation module that plays hundreds of media streams simultaneously either from either the system’s RAM or directly from its hard drives. With its included stressing function, this streamer is the ideal tool to test network and IP devices. The MIP 1664’s capability of playing out hundreds of media streams at Gigabit rates makes it the ideal solution for the development and deployment of IPTV equipment, as well as a reliable signal source for qualifying IPTV networks and DTV equipment. The MIP 1664 comes in a rack mountable 1 RU chassis.

Key Features

  • Ethernet or transport stream input files for use in a variety of IP or MPEG over IP scenarios
  • Support for MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC/H.265, VC-1 Video and all audio formats
  • Easily Configurable Parameters: Source IP Address, destination IP address, MAC address, VLAN, and many others
  • UDP/RTP IP mapping protocol support
  • Built-in support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
  • Stream duplication capabilities to create hundreds of unique streams in seconds
  • Network stressing capabilities to ensure system quality of service (QoS)
  • Full line rate output of MPEG over IP streams


  • Verify VOD network performance
  • IP network validation and stress testing
  • Generate streams for testing network appliance jitter and transport errors
  • Generate test streams for IP set-top box manufacturing