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    MAP 1870-P

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The MAP 1870 MPEG Analysis Platform aids in the design, verification, manufacturing, and deployment of digital TV equipment and systems.

It drastically shortens time to market while enabling extremely fast diagnostics and fault isolation. Covering a wide range of DTV applications, the MAP 1870 is the ideal solution for telecommunications operators deploying Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and mobile TV applications, for cable/satellite/ terrestrial operators, broadcasters developing interactive TV businesses, for DTV equipment designers, and for manufacturers. The MAP 1870 is available in a portable or 3 RU chassis. Depending on customer areas of interest, the MAP 1870 can be configured with several types of interfaces (ASI, QAM/8VSB, Gigabit Ethernet) and dedicated real-time and offline tools (MPEG2 Transport Stream Player/ Recorder, MPEG2 Transport Stream Real-Time Analyzer, MHP Real-Time Analyzer, DVB-H Real Time Analyzer, Video over IP Streamer, Video over IP Real Time Analyzer).