Modular Receiver Decoder

    MRD 3187B-DC

  • $50.00


The MRD 3187B Receiver Decoder is the industry's only professional multi-format modular receiver decoder available today. Installed by more broadcast, cable, satellite, and telco service providers, and across a wider range of applications than any other multi-format receiver decoder. The MRD 3187B receiver decoder sets the standard for performance, scalable functionality and cost of ownership. The award winning architecture of the MRD 3187B adapts to changes well beyond most competitive receiver decoders, allowing hardware and software features to be upgraded in the field (often while still in the rack).

The MRD 3187B supports virtually any application by combining dual-channel processing capability with MPEG2, H.264, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, SD, and HD video decoding. With the wide range of interfaces, the MRD 3187B adapts to contribution, distribution, or backhaul environment while allowing easy upgrade paths to future technologies. All of this makes the MRD 3187B receiver decoder the only choice for operators seeking a truly future-proof solution. The MRD 3187B expands the functionality of the award winning MRD 3187A receiver decoder by adding features such as DVB-CI and SCTE35/104 messaging support.