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General-purpose output adapter for PC-based applications that generate an DVB-ASI transport stream With DTC-300 StreamXpress software: MPEG-2 transport-stream test generator.



Two independent DVB-ASI outputs channels on a low-profile PCI card

Optional mode to slave the second output to the first, creating a single doubly-buffered output Programmable bitrate 0 .. 214 Mbit/s

Dual 16-Mbytes buffers to compensate for PCI- and software latencies

Shipped with a low-profile and a standard-profile bracket Hardware-assisted null packet insertion

Continuous mode or burst mode

On-board PCI Bus master for off-loading host processor

DMA burst-mode transfers for optimal usage of PCI Bus

Scatter/gather DMA for efficient handling of fragmented host memory Low- and standard-profile

PCI bracket PCI rev 2.2, 32 bit, 33 or 66 MHz bus

Free drivers and SDK for current versions of Windows, .NET, DirectShow and Linux

Example source code for stream player and stream recorder