DekTec Multi-Standard VHF/UHF Receiver for PCI Express


  • $1,443.00


  • High performance tuner and I/Q sampler
  • Handles signals up to 10-MHz bandwidth
  • Optimized for Software Defined Radio

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Tuner, I/Q demodulator and sample-rate converter, optimized for use with SDR technology (Software Defined Radio = demodulation in software)
  • Several software demodulators available, including DVB-C2 and DVB-T2, with features and measurements exceeding those of consumer demodulator chips
  • Hardware sample rate converter for obtaining I/Q samples at a convenient rate
  • MER measurements in OFDM up to an accuracy of 42dB
  • Demodulated stream and measurements available through free Windows and Linux SDK (DTAPI)
  • PCI Express x1; Low profile
  • RF network monitoring with measurements
  • Universal receiver
  • Front end for SDR experiments

RF input connector: 75-Ω “F” female
Input return loss: >8dB
Tuning range: 42 to 870MHz
Input sensitivity: -90 to -20dBm
Bandwidth: 1.7/5/6/7/8/10MHz
I/Q sample rate: 1.25 to 40Msps
SNR: 50dB
RF level: -90 to -20dBm
MER: 10 to 42dB
Constellation: Yes
PCI-Express label: PCIe x1

DVB-C2*: EN 300 429
DVB-T2*: EN 302 755
I/Q samples: Arbitrary I/Q samples

DTA-2131-SL: Multi-Standard VHF/VHF Receiver with StreamXpert Lite
DTA-2131-SX: Multi-Standard VHF/UHF Receiver with StreamXpert
DTA-2131-RXA-SX: Multi-Standard VHF/UHF Receiver with StreamXpert and Advanced RF Analysis
DTA-2131-GOLD: Multi-Standard VHF/UHF Receiver, GOLD Edition with all Modulation Licenses