DekTec IP to QAM Quad Modulator - CLOSE OUT


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The DTE - 3114 is a stand alone, four channel QAM modulator, with TSoIP inputs that are directly synthesized to VHF/UHF outputs. The device is completely agile over all VHF/UHF frequencies up to 1000 MHZ and provides RTP with FEC decoding on each channel.

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Stand alone four channel QAM modulator with TS-over-IP (TSoIP) inputs and directly synthesized VHF/UHF outputs
  • 2D FEC decoder for IP error correction
  • Web and SNMP interface for setting parameters and observing status
  • Unit can be powered via the Ethernet cable (Power over Ethernet) or through a DC power supply jack
  • Removal of IP jitter with programmable size of jitter tolerance buffer
  • Full support of SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • LCD status display shows device identifier, QAM mode, carrier frequencies, output level and IP/MAC address
  • Install up to 12 modules in 3U 19" rack space using DekTec rack mountable rail
  • Cable-TV modulator with TSoIP input
  • QAM test generator

Main RF Port
Connector: 75Ω F Female
Output level (total): -32 to -9dBm
Level accuracy: ±1dB
Monitor Port
Connector: 75Ω F Female
Output level (total): -25.5±3dBm
Range: 32 to 1006MHz
Channel spacing: 5 to 8MHz
Symbol rate: 4.48 to 7.0MBd
MER: 43dB
GigE Port
Physical layer: IEEE 802.3af
Connector: RJ-45
TP per IP: 1-7
Encapsulation: UDP or RTP
FEC: SMPTE 2022-1
Jitter Tolerance Range
1-20 ms

IP address assignment: DHCP or static
Multicast support: IGMP v2
Device management: browser based
Network management: SNMP v2c
Discovery: WS-discovery

QAM-A: EN 300 429 (DVB-C)
QAM-B: J.83 Annex B with support for all interleaver modes
QAM-C: J.83 Annex C

DTE-3114: Networked Quad QAM Modulator