DekTec GigE + 3x ASI Ports for PCI


  • $1,882.00


  • Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Port
  • Three bi-directional DVB-ASI Ports
  • Transcoding between ASI and TSoIP

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

    • Transmission and reception of Transport Streams over IP networks, with transcoding between ASI and IP ports
    • IP encapsulation in accordance with SMPTE 2022-1 and 2022-2
    • Zero-jitter playout of multiple TSoIP streams
    • ASM and SSM multicast support
    • Generation of two-dimensional FEC with programmable dimensions D and L and FEC linearization
    • Re-ordering and error correction of TSoIP streams with programmable latency
    • Time stamping of incoming IP packets to enable TSoIP jitter analysis
    • Uniform software access to ASI- and TSoIP ports with DTAPI
    • PCI rev 2.2, 32-bit, 33 or 66-MHz bus
    • Comes with NDIS network driver
  • Contribution, primary distribution over IP
  • Multipurpose ASI/TSoIP stream station
  • Jitter measurements of TSoIP streams
  • Tunnelling ASI streams over an IP network
  • General-purpose ASI and TSoIP inputs and outputs for OEM applications

Physical layer: IEEE 802.3ab
Data rate: 10/100/1000
Connector: RJ-45
Maximum TS rate: 600 Mbit/s
Parallel TSoIP streams: 100+*
ASI Ports
Physical layer: DVB-ASI (coax)
Connector: 75-Ω BNC (3x)
Rx or Tx bit rate: 0 to 214 Mbit/s
Resolution: <1 bit="" br="">Transport packets per IP packet: 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
Protocol: UDP or RTP
Transcoding rate: 0 to 200 Mbit/s
DVB ID: 5821

*Limited only by cumlative TS rate and PC resources

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PC Support
OS: XP/2003/Vista/2008/7, Linux 2.6.18+/3.x
Platform: P4@2GHz, 1GB RAM

DTA-160-SLP: Gigabit TSoIP and triple ASI adapter for PCI Bus with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress
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