DekTec Dual QAM-A/B/C Receiver for PCI Express


  • $1,279.00


  • Professional-grade digital cable receiver
  • Extended frequency coverage to 1GHz
  • DVB-ASI monitoring on each channel

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Dual-channel QAM receiver, compliant with J.83 Annex A (DVB-C), B and C
  • Applications have access to the complete Transport Stream
  • Two DVB-ASI output ports for monitoring the receiver output for each channel
  • ASI ports can also be used as independent general-purpose ASI outputs
  • Each channel provides reception status, RF level, demodulation status, constellation, MER, pre- and post-FEC BER
  • Free Windows and Linux SDK (DTAPI) is compatible with other DekTec adapters
  • PCI Express x1
  • Monitoring of cable networks
  • Professional cable receiver

RF input connector: 2x 75-Ω “F” female
ASI output connector: 2x 75-Ω BNC
Input return loss: >10dB
Tuning range: 54 to 1002MHz
Input sensitivity: -60 to -30dBm
Symbol rate: 5.0 to 7.1MBd

RF level: -60 .. -30dBm
MER: 10 .. 30dB
BER: Pre/post
Constellation: 2D
PCI-Express label: PCIe x1

DVB-C: EN 300 429
QAM-B: J.83 Annex B
QAM-C: J.83 Annex C

DTA-2136-SLP: Dual QAM receiver with StreamXpress and StreamXpert Lite
DTA-2136-SX: DTA-2136-SLP bundled with StreamXpert TS Analyser