DekTec DVB-C2/T2 Receiver for PCI Express Bus


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  • Professional-grade DVB-C2/T2 receiver
  • Full support for legacy DVB-C and DVB-T
  • Optimized for network monitoring

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Single-channel DVB-C2 / DVB-T2 receiver for VHF/UHF with legacy support for DVB-C and DVB-T
  • Hardware-based demodulation with 0% CPU load
  • Demodulation of all DVB-T2 modes, including single and multiple PLP, SISO and MISO
  • Measurements include RF level, MER, bit error rates and monitoring of L1 parameters
  • Free Windows and Linux SDK (DTAPI) is fully compatible with other DekTec digital-television adapters
  • PCI Express x1, low profile
  • Low profile and standard profile PCI brackets available
  • DVB-C2 / DVB-T2 test receiver
  • Monitoring of DVB-C2 or DVB-T2 networks
  • Re-multiplexing of DVB-C/T/C2/T2 with DekTec’s MuxXpert software

RF input: 75-Ω “F” female
Input return loss: >8dB
Tuning range: 42 to 880MHz
Input sensitivity: -90 to -20dBm
Bandwidth: 5/6/7/8/10MHz
DVB-C: EN 300 429
DVB-C2: EN 302 769
DVB-T: EN 300 744
DVB-T2: EN 302 755 DTG6.2/7, NorDig-U v2.2
PCI-Express label: V1.1; PCIe x1

DTA-2138-SL: DVB-C2/DVB-T2 receiver for PCIe with StreamXpert Lite
DTA-2138-SX: DTA-2138-SL bundled with StreamXpert TS analyzer

DTA-2131: Multi-standard VHF/UHF receiver with SDR technology
DTA-2136: Dual QAM-A/B/C receiver
DTA-2137: Dual DVB-S2 receiver
DTA-2139: Twelve-channel QAM receiver