DekTec All-Standard USB Modulator


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The DTU-315 adapter is a USB-3 powered multi-standard modulator that is fully agile from 36 to 2150MHz. It provides support for all constellations and modulation modes for each supported DTV standard.

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Modulation bandwidth up to 70MHz
  • Pocket size modulator for all popular satellite, cable and terrestrial standards
  • Excellent signal quality through direct digital synthesis of the RF output signal
  • Fully agile from 36 to 2150MHz, covering VHF, UHF and L-band
  • Single USB cable to the DTU-315 supplies power, data and control
  • Supports all constellations and modulation modes for each supported DTV standard
  • Digital channel simulator option including multipath echo and AWGN insertion
  • F and BNC cable assemblies included
  • Use with DekTec’s StreamXpress for easy generation of RF test signals
  • Free Windows SDK (DTAPI) for writing your own custom application
  • 19” rack-mount kit available for easy integration in fixed setups
  • RF test generator in R&D lab or factory for developing, qualifying, or repairing any equipment with a DTV antenna input
  • Portable demo set for TV receivers, easy to carry to customer demos, trade shows, etc.
  • TV transmission or distribution using modulated signals in shops, hotels, hospitals, etc.

RF connector: 75-Ω micro-BNC female
Frequency Range: 36 to 2150MHz
Bandwidth (max): 70MHz
I/Q sample rate: 0.08 to 70Msps
RF level: -45 to -25dBm (0.5dB steps)
MER (typical): >40dB
Phase noise:<-105dbc@10khz
Spectral purity:>50dB
USB port:USB-3**
USB connector:Micro-B female
OS:Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

* For OFDM standards: up to 1 GHz; for single-carrier standards up to 2 GHz; above 2GHz the output level is max. 5dB lower.
** Must use a real USB-3 port; the DTU-315 will not operate with USB-2

ADTB-T, ATSC, ATSC-M/H*, CMMB*, DAB(+)*, DMBT/H*, DVB-C (QAM-A), DVB-C2*, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVBS2X*, DVB-T, DVB-T2 single-PLP, DVB-T2*, I/Q samples*, ISDB-S*, ISDB-T*, QAM-B (J.83 Annex B), QAM-C, T-DMB*

* Option

DTU-315-SP: All-standard all-band modulator for USB- with StreamXpress player/test-generator software
DTU-315-GOLD: DTU-315 with all current and future modulation options
DTR-315-RACK: 1U 19”-rack mounting kit for holding up to 8x DTU-315

5.0 to 8.0MHz