DekTec Dual ASI Output Card


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The DTA-105 is a PC-based solution that featured dual ASI output channels on a low-profile PCI card. It provides fully programmable bitrate capabilities from 0-214 mbit/s and dual 16 Mbyte buffers to compensate for PCI and any software latencies.

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

    • Two independent DVB-ASI outputs channels on a low profile PCI card
    • Optional mode to slave the second output to the first, creating a single doubly buffered output
    • Programmable bitrate 0 to 214 Mbit/s
    • Dual 16Mbytes buffers to compensate for PCI and software latencies
    • Shipped with a low profile and a standard profile bracket
    • Hardware assisted null packet insertion
    • Continuous mode or burst mode
    • On board PCI Bus master for off loading host processor
    • DMA burst mode transfers for optimal useage of PCI Bus
    • Scatter/gather DMA for efficient handling of fragmented host memory
    • Low and standard profile
    • PCI bracket PCI rev 2.2, 32 bit, 33 or 66 MHz bus
    • Free drivers and SDK for current versions of Windows, .NET, DirectShow and Linux
    • Example source code for stream player and stream recorder
  • General purpose output adapter for PC based applications that generate an MPEG2 transport stream
  • With DTC-300 StreamXpress software: MPEG2 transport stream test generator

Physical layer: DVB-ASI (Coax)
DVB-ASI connector: 75Ω BNC (2x)
Transmit bitrate: 0 to 214Mbit/s
Transmit bitrate resolution: <1bit/s
Transmit bitrate stability: ±2ppm
Burst mode on/off: yes
Peak-to-peak maximum jitter*: 70ns p-p
Packet size: 188 or 204**

* In continuous mode
** Arbitrary packet size in raw mode

DTA-145: Multi-purpose ASI / SD-SDI adapter for standard PCI bus
DTA-2145: Multi-purpose ASI / SD-SDI adapter for PCI Express

DTA-105-SP: Dual DVB-ASI output adapter for PCI with StreamXpress